★ OSX Tip: ReturnOpen

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Either you’ve recently switched from windows to OSX, or you use both systems, and you’re used to opening applications and files by silmply pressing enter. But that doesn’t work in OSX does it? On OSX, pressing enter (or return as others call it), allows you to rename the file. To open it, you either double-click it or press Cmd-O.

Even after nearly 2 years on OSX, I still find this quite annoying (I work with Windows 8 hours/day at work, might have something to do with it). So I looked around for a solution. I bring you, totally free (click the logo):



2 thoughts on “★ OSX Tip: ReturnOpen

  1. I totally feel your pain! I’m also using Windows professionally and when I get behind my Macbook (my preferred OS for private use is Mac OS X) I keep on making these kind of mistakes… however I never bothered to look for a solution 😉 so thanks for this one and keep ’em coming Jan ;-).


  2. Tools are very handy, thanks for the tip. I’m using xp at work and osx at home. It’s simple a matter of getting used to it. Even after some time you might prefer the osx wat as in my case 🙂


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