★ Really Simple Syndication

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RSS (or RSS feeds) are a great way to gather data from all over the internet. Blogs, news sites, feeds based on keywords or tags, RSS brings it to you in 1 central place.
Why you say?
At first, I was following a number of blog (30 or so) and clicking through them one by one everyday wasn’t so bad.
But as more and more blogs/sites were added to the list, going over all of them became a hassle quickly.
Sounds familiar? Welcome to RSS 🙂

I imported all the sites I wanted to follow into Google Reader (another option would have been Netvibes)
And that worked great for me. For a while. When I didn’t have the time to read all my feeds, the ‘unread items’ number would go up and up. So I just stopped checking it, dreading to go through my +500 unread items.

So I started looking for an alternative. How about an desktop application?
A quick search got me to NetNewsWire, just what I was looking for.

Then last night I thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have those feeds on my phone as well?’
And not just the same feeds, but have them synchronized.

I was already using Newsstand for this on my iPhone. But it didn’t have a syncing option.
Until yesterday 🙂
Omz-software published Newsstand 2.0 yesterday, which has Google Reader sync.


I know what your thinking: ‘how does that help, since he isn’t using Google Reader anymore’.
Options were:
– Switching back to Google Reader on my desktop, keep Newsstand on my phone.
– Stick with NetNewsWire and use it on my phone as well (it has an iPhone-version)

But I liked both apps as I was using them now and didn’t want to switch.
After a little digging around on the web, I found that in the next update, NetNewsWire would include syncing with Google Reader. I downloaded a beta of the new version and set things up.

So now my NetNewsWire syncs with Google Reader. And so does Newsstand on my iPhone. All my feeds, everywhere 🙂
I’m a happy camper.


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