★ Brussels, the movie….(or: Shooting video with a DSLR)


About a week ago, I was in Brussels with Couchsurfer Cam and coincidentally we walked by an exhibition about Solarpower. We both thought is was a good looking concept, so we both made a little movie of it (Cam with his iPhone, me with my DSLR).

Later this week, I had a look at the footage I shot and was quite pleased. The only problem was: I only had about 45 seconds to work with. So yesterday, I went back to Brussels to shoot some more. Only problem: when I got the building where the exhibition was, the curtains were closed and when I peeked through I saw that it was gone. Quite the bummer indeed. But none the less, I got some extra shots for the video 🙂

I’ve uploaded both versions, the long and the short one, you can see them bellow and on youtube:
All video was shot with a Nikon D90, using a Nikkor 18-70mm and a Sigma 10-20mm lens.
Postproducing was done using Apple’s iMovie.
The music is ‘If you don’t go, I don’t go’ by Absynthe Minded (link takes you to the iTunes store)

The long version:

The short version:

This little experiment as though me a couple of things:
– think about which shots you want
– make a rough scenario (including the music, if you’re using any)

PS: Thanks to Frederic for getting me back on to the DLSR-video thing 🙂


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