★ CaseMate Barely There Case

Blackberry, Technology

A couple of months ago, I got myself a case for my blackberry, a Case Mate Barely There case.
I wanted just that. A case to protect the back of my device (my back-cover was kinda loose), but also a case that isn’t really there (as in: doesn’t add any bulk to the device)

I picked my color, I placed my order and 2 weeks later, there is was. And it was (and is) a really nice case. It adds a touch of color to the phone (well, more then a touch if you pick the bright green version like i did :)) and it feels good when using the phone.

Case-Mate Barely There cse for Blackberry 9700 Bold

I got this case in March (i think, not sure) and I like it so much I shot a little video about it.
Why did I wait this long to write about it? Well, my blackberry was in the shop to be repaired and I felt i couldn’t really write about it without actually using it at that time 🙂


2 thoughts on “★ CaseMate Barely There Case

  1. Nice post. But personally, I’m not quite a fan of cases. I think they fuck up the beauty of your phone. For the Bold 9700, a lot of beauty :). Not only the looks, also the functionality of the phone often gets screwed by the cases. I did not work with your case yet so I can’t judge that one, but the cases I had for previous phones really sucked.

    Also the price. 19.95 (whether it is $ or ? doesn’t even matter) is a lot of money for a case IMO. I would not pay that much for a case. For the reasons mentioned above on the one hand, and because of the fact that I am very very careful with my BlackBerry (yes, some people do call me a freak on that point) on the other hand. I never drop my phone, I regularly clean it and in general I treat my phone with love!

    But, since I recently upgraded from the Bold 9000 to the 9700 as well, I wanted to give it another try. I ordered the charging pod and decided to go for a case as well. I screened the amazon.com website and decided to order this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/ACCESSORIES-Hybrid-BlackBerry-Mobile-Phone/dp/B002ZGW7XU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1275933764&sr=8-2-catcorr

    Only 2.99£ for a case I wasn’t sure how long I would use it anyway, so not much at all. I got it within one week together with my charging pod (which is great btw). As you can see it is a case which protects both the front and rear of the device. I put it on last friday afternoon. I removed it … last friday evening. Nope, cases are not for me. It made my phone too big. It made my beautiful bold design look like crap. And it didn’t feel well when I needed to type a text message or email… As I already said, I dit not work with the case you bought yet, and I admit that the green really looks nice, but I’ll leave the cases on my desk again in the future… I’ll just continue to treat my Bold with the necessary love, like a freak, which no case in the world can equalise…


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