★ Apps on my iPad

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In the wake of the iPad’s release here in Belgium (which is tomorrow), I wanted to write something about the apps I use on mine. (if no price is added means the app is free. For none-native apps, clicking the name will take you straight to the app in iTunes)

We’ll start top left and go right and down from there.
– Calendar
– App Store
Pages (for ?7,99 you get Pages (just like on your Mac) on your iPad, I used this for all my writing)
WordPress (I (co)author a couple of WordPress blogs, just like this one, and this app makes that very easy)
– Settings (placed top right so I can easily tap it with my right hand when hold the device)

Gowalla (location-based social network, app looks great but I don’t use it that much)
Dash Four (?1,59. Foursquare app, another location-based social thing on which I am rather active)
– Facebook (not an app, just a bookmark to the website)
– Tumblr (same as above, just a bookmark)
Flightcontrol HD (?3,99. Awesome game in which you have to guide airplanes with your fingers :))

iBooks (from Apple, with in-app bookstore. Also allows you to add your own pdf-files, big plus!)
Zinio (App for digital magazine subscriptions, with some free samples)
Instapaper (?3,99. If you use Instapaper on your computer, this is a good app to catch up on reading)
De Standaard (?3,99. App for Belgian newspaper De Standaard, yes it ain’t free, but it comes with 5 free newspapers (complete newspaper, if you decide to get the weekend edition, you also get all the extras. Without a subscription to the newspaper, you can access the news of the day and the best photos from the newspaper)
Wide Angle (?2,99. If you like photoblogs like the Boston Big Picture, get this app. The images look great and flicking through them with your finger is a joy)

Then, onwards to the apps I keep in the dock:
– Mail (quite self-explanatory :))
– Safari (for browsing)
Echofon Pro (?3,99. For Twitter off course. This is the best twitter-app for the iPad I’ve come across so far (and before this I tries Tweetdeck, Twitterific and Osfoora HD). Plus, if you already own Echofon Pro for your iPhone, you get the iPad version for free)

NewsRack (?3,99. My RSS-reader of choice, mostly because I already owned the iPhone-version and thus got it for free on my iPad. I like the interface, it has lots of sharing option and it syncs with Google Reader, what more could you want?)

– Photos (my photo-portfolio, this is a great way to show my work to others)
– iPod (music, because where would we be without that :))

That’s what’s on my home-screen for now, these are the apps I use the most. If I discover any other things I think you should know about, I’ll get back to you 😉


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