★ Suikerrock 2010 (Preview)

Concerts, Photography

Just like last year, I was part of the photographers-crew at Suikerrock. Together with 4 other photographers, we took photos of all concerts, crowds, volunteers, stages, promotional materials, meet&greet’s, you name it, we shot it.
You can find all our work at suikerrock.be/live.

Last year, we had a dedicated person to do all the post-processing work (selection, minor tweaks and uploading). But this year, due to budget-cuts, one of the photographers had to take that job.
And guess who got assigned that role? 🙂
I had brought my macbook, I had experience using Flickr and Lightroom (which the others didn’t), so half of the time, I was stuck at a desk in the festival office, going through hundreds and hundreds of photos made by the others. That also meant that I had to miss some concerts (due to the loads of work), but I also got to do some other cool things 🙂 (like go on a helicopter ride over the city to photograph to festival from the sky :))

Here are a couple of the photos I shot over the course of the 4 days:
(The rest will be up on Flickr during the next week)







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