★ Barcamp Antwerp.


I went to my first barcamp this weekend. Weird right? I’ve being doing stuff online and on the twitters for a couple of years now and I’ve had a couple ideas for a barcamp-talk but in the end, I never felt sure enough about to go through with it. But last night, while I was at school I thought ‘why not do something about 4G and LTE?’ (the subject of the class at that moment).

By the time I got home, I was sure I wanted to do something and go to barcamp. But as I started writing down points and ideas for the 4G-talk, I became aware that I didn’t understand the subject for a 100% and I didn’t want to present something that wasn’t ‘done’ (as in: that I didn’t have a decent enough knowledge about, decent enough so that I would be able to do the presentation with (a little bit of) confidence. Hmmm, another subject maybe? Something I’m ‘passionate’ about (big word right there), something I can talk about for 20 or more minutes without a problem.

The subject became clear rather quickly: running. And more specifically: training for a marathon.
So I started working on some slides (with the obligatory screwing around with themes for 20 minutes in Keynote). By then it was 23h30, I had been up since 6, worked from 7 to 16 and had class from 18 to 22. During class I felt really tired but when I was working on my slides and practicing my ‘talk’, time flew by and I really got into it. Before I full and well realized it, it was 1 in the morning and time for sleep.

Saturday morning, up bright and early to take the train to Antwerp. I met up with Davy along the way and together we walked from the station to Burooz (sponsor plug numero 1, a very nice place. If I was working for myself, I’d want my desk to be somewhere lik Burooz).

As people started to arrive, we all got a post-it to write the subject of our talk on and to add to the schedule. I put my talk in the second slot and in the small room.

I was a little bit nervous about talking in public but it went ok 🙂
I had 15-ish slides and talked for a good 20 minutes on the lessons I learned in my preparation of running a marathon.

For the rest of the day, I watched other sessions for talked with Sara and Filip, it was great seeing them again.
By 15h, we were getting quite tired and sat out a couple of sessions and just relaxed (and we had some Nalu, which was provided by iChoosr for free! Best ever!), took some pictures and fooled around 🙂

Afterwards, we (Sara, Filip & Davy) headed into the city for diner. And on the way to the station we passed by Starbucks for some coffee (to keep Davy & me awake during the 1h trainride home)

I had a fun day and will definitly be back at the next barcamp 🙂


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