★ Yevgueni at Het Depot (Leuven, BE)

Concerts, Photography

Last Thursday I went to the release-gig for Yevgueni‘s new album ‘Welkenraedt’ in a sold-out Depot. Yevgueni is one of the few dutch-singing bands I like and I was really looking forward to seeing them live

The room was packed with people, barely any place to move. The opening act for a band from the Netherlands, Rakoon. They played a couple of good songs and got the crowd (and the photographers) in the mood 🙂

On to the main act, Yevgueni played a mix of songs from their new album and songs/hits for older releases. Their songs are sing-along songs, one by one and I really liked that 🙂 (although it felt kind of weird to sing along in Dutch). They played for a good 2 hours and for the last song, they moved everyone out of the hall and into the hallway. The singer just announced they would be going to the hall, jumped from the stage right next to me and started walking to the hallway. I had grabbed a lens and was right on his heels to make sure I had a decent spot (the lens I took was the 30mm F/1.4 since the hallway to not very well lit at all). As more people piled into the hallway, I sat down on the side where the musicians where to try and get a somewhat decent shot. After a couple of shots I realized that there was just not enough light to get anything decent and I decided to try and record a little video….
First time I did that ‘for real’ so bare with me, I made some mistakes 🙂 (don’t shoot video in portrait, lock your exposure)

But all in all, it turned out ok.
Here are some for the images in took (the full set is here)

Yevgueni (Het Depot - March 2011)

Yevgueni (Het Depot - March 2011)

Yevgueni (Het Depot - March 2011)


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