★ IE to Start Automatic Upgrades across Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7


Today we are sharing our plan to automatically upgrade Windows customers to the latest version of Internet Explorer available for their PC. This is an important step in helping to move the Web forward. We will start in January for customers in Australia and Brazil who have turned on automatic updating via Windows Update. Similar to our release of IE9 earlier this year, we will take a measured approach, scaling up over time. – Ryan Gavin on The Windows Blog

This is good news for a lot a people. For users because they’ll get a better and safer web experience, for developers because making sure your app/site looks and works good on backdated browsers is a pain.

I work at a large financial institution, we have over 10000 workstation running Windows Vista with?Internet Explorer 7. Not only does it barely work, more and more sites are starting to break in IE7. Since about 2 months, we have made IE9 available for users that need to use web-apps that require it and in June 2012 everyone will be getting it. But until then, they’ll be stuck with a browser that was released in October 2006.


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