★ Their system doesn’t work for us.


Today the majority of employees of Belgium’s public services are on strike because they disagree with the new pension law. And I just don’t get that.

Compared to people working in the private sector or to those who are self-employed, government employee pension are much much higher. So if there is one group who doesn’t have the right to complain…

This country is broken. Rotten. And I want to get out.
(not saying that things are all good somewhere else, but this is just stupid)

Another thing: After the last national election, it took the politicians nearly 2 years to agree on a government. 2 years. And while all of them kept receiving full pay for those 2 years, we are now facing a higher state debt, raised taxes and a higher pension age.

Why do we even take crap like this? We should be in front of parlement. And when I say “we”, I mean we the people, not we the unions or we the employers. We, the people.

As for 2012: Merry crisis and a happy new fear. Because the worst is yet to come.

Edit: And don’t even get me started on financial institution.


One thought on “★ Their system doesn’t work for us.

  1. I think the main problem now is that everything is being rushed through. We all have to work longer and we’ll get less money, but the pensions of the politicians has to go through a review? That doesn’t seem fair. They get a full pension after 20 years, everybody else after 42. We have to do something about the politicians. This strike isn’t hurting them, it’s hurting us normal people.


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