★ Thirty, thirty, thirty, thirty.


Last Saturday, on April 21st, my good friend Filip “Bunker” Bunkens turned 30 and he celebrated in a way absolutely befitting him. Filip is more passionate about photography than anyone I know and in every possible way. And for his 30th birthday, he decided to shoot 30 different people, for 30 minutes, taking 30 shots of each and using a different camera for each subject. Boom. 30 people and 30 minutes each comes down to 15 straight hours of shooting.

I headed out to Ghent early in the morning to help Filip out with the setup of the studio and to take some behind-the-scenes shots. I ended up staying on location until the late afternoon and even got shot by Filip as well 🙂 At the end of the day I was exhausted and when I left, Filip still have 6 hours of shooting head of him. But that hardly showed and it was a real pleasure seeing Filip do what he clearly enjoys so very much.

Thanks for the fun day Filip, and happy birthday again. 🙂

You can head on over to the project-30303030 site for more information. Oh, and be sure the check out the BTS shots Rob “Stillmation” Mitchell made here.

JHE 9365


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