★ Hibari design philosophy


Additionally, I need a way to take a break from certain people. In my opinion, Twitter?s lack of a temporary mute function is problematic due to the mismatch in the way people feel about unfollowing. When you unfollow someone, it?s usually because you just want to unsubscribe from them, as one might privately unsubscribe from a blog. However, the social reality it that when people find out they?ve been unfollowed, they often feel like you?ve un-friended them, like how one might un-friend someone on Facebook. And it?s awkward to refollow after unfollowing, because a follow notification is sent via email each time. Facebook itself actually has an ?unsubscribe from updates? feature you can set on individual friends. I?m unable to live without this on Twitter.

Victoria, designer of Hibari.

What I believe in. Just because I unfollow you, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Works the other way around as well off course, friendship isn’t as simple as clicking “follow”. Twitter is about communication, communication means noise and noise needs a filter. A decent twitter client will allow you to mute users, hashtags, clients, single tweets, etc? Because sometime they just bother you and it’s your twitter stream so you shouldn’t have to look at them if you don’t want to. (or complain about them, which is annoying to other people, which will get you muted)


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