★ March 2013 calendar bug on iPad


Ran across an interesting issue at work today: one of our users could not access the month of March (2013) in the calendar app on his iPad. In month view, he’d flip from January to February without problems, but then flicking the page to March would crash the app. Retried a couple of times, crashed every time.

The crash only occurs in month-view, day- and week-view are not affected.

We were able to reproduce the issue on a couple of other iPads so we attributed it to a bug in iOS.

But I went digging a little deeper and found a work-around (thanks to Apple’s support forum and Stackexchange).

The crash only happens when there is a calendar event on April 1st 2013, from 00:00 (Midnight) to 01:00 (AM). And since April 1st 2013 is a holiday here in Belgium, most people will have one or more all day events scheduled from that day. Remove these events from your calendar and the app will no longer crash.

PS: The crash is most likely caused by the fact that we change to daylight savings time on March 31st and the all day event following right after that.

(This might be old new but it sure stifled me and my colleagues for a second so I wanted to share it anyway)


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