★ I don’t have time.

Development, Technology

Gradual progress is crazy powerful.

When you frame something as a giant, amorphous task (get healthy, become a designer, start a business) ? it can seem impossible to fit into your busy schedule.

Break it down into smaller pieces that you do have time for.

With time and determination, the impossible will become the inevitable.

(via Matt Swanson)

This one hit’s home. I’ve had a couple of ideas lately that I really (but really really really) want to realise and staying motivated to keep working on them is hard at times. Because there are certain steps along the way that seem (and are) so far over my head (skill I don’t fully have, or have at all). But with a clear goal, a somewhat structured task-list and a load of book, I’m sure I’ll get there. This one is going to be real. (kinda vague, I know, but I’m sure some of you know what I’m getting at).


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