Yonex Belgian International 2015


Last week marked the 11th edition of the Yonex Belgian International. The tournament is part of the Badminton Europe circuit and is generally regarded as one of the best on the circuit, both in level of play, presentation and organisation. All of that wouldn’t be possible without the amazing group of volunteers we have each year. The group changes every year, people come and go but this year’s group was pretty great: lot’s of new faces that knew when to work (hard) and when to play (harder) and it was an absolute blast once again.


The Crew, image by Fons Van der Vorst

And we had some great matches on court all week, with the everything culminating in 5 long and hard fought matches in the finals on Saturday. Most notably, the Men’s and Women’s singles winners.

Anders Antonsen (DEN, WR220) is only 18 years old and most known for winning the 2015 European Junior Championships. At our tournament he started in the qualification rounds, won 7 matches to reach the final and only dropped a game in 1 of them. In the final have faced of against his friend and countryman Christian Lind Thomsen. 58 minutes later, Anders toke the watch with 21-18, 21-17. Everyone in attendance was amazed by the level of play from the young Dane, this will be players to keep your eye on in the future, he’s going places.


In the Women’s singels final we had another youngster, the 15 year old Jin Wei Goh from Malaysia. Coming up the the qualifiers, she beat 5th seed Rong Schafer (USA) in the quarter finals and 2nd seed Kirsty Gilmour (SCO) in the final on her way to the top spot of the draw. Before the Yonex Belgian International, she was ranked 329th on the world ranking but being only 15 years old, she hasn’t played that many senior tournaments.  Her speed and attitude on court was surprising for a player of her age and experience level. Another one to watch!




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