★ Merlin Mann

Merlin mann tgd

Merlin is best known as the creator of 43folders.com, a popular website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised on Florida’s humid coast, Merlin was awarded a B.A. from New College of Florida.

I got introduced to Merlin Mann through Back to Work, a podcast that he does with Dan Benjamin on 5by5.tv. I have a vivid memory of listening to the first couple episodes: it was January 2011, I was training for the Stockholm marathon and following a strict 4 days/week running schedule. But we had lots of snow and ice that winter so I took a 3 month membership at a nearby gym so I could do my runs on a treadmill there. As you may have guessed, running 2Okm is boring as fuck. That was to the time I got back into listening to podcasts. So I was the gym when I listened to the first episode of Back 2 Work. At first I thought it was weird (dito for this Merlin dude), but after episode 2 I got into it and i started listening to the show (and would continue to do so day the next 18 months).

After reading this interview I went back and listened to those first 3/4 episodes again and I strongly recommend them, there’s some great advice in there. Be sure to check them out. (you really should)


★ Back on RSS

With the demise of Google Reader a couple of months ago, my use of RSS had dropped to a halt. I had exported my data, got a list of all the feeds I had in there but I still lacked a service to replace Google Reader.

I tried Feed Wrangler for a while but it didn’t stick (nothing against the service, the smart feeds function just doesn’t fit the way I like to read my news feeds). After a couple of weeks of not having an RSS reader at all and probably missing all sorts of fun things (not thinking about tech news stuff, but about blogs of people I know and/or follow, WordPress and front-end news and writings, etc..), Reeder came out with an update for their iOS app and that sparked my interest again. Not that I missed reading news or anything like that. But having a place where you can gather these things is nice to have.

I bought the app (? 4,49) and had a look at the syncing services it supported. Having tried Feed Wrangler, not liking Feedly and not wanting to host Fever myself, I looked into Feedbin. $3/month or $30/year is a steal for something you’re going to use everyday so I got myself an account (and I’m a firm believer in supporting the sites/apps/products you use, not everything should be free).

With that I had an RSS reader again, and an app to use it on my iPad (which is my preferred reading device for anything internet, the Kindle is still King in book-land). But there was one more thing to do.

Lots of internet services have the option to favourite something, to like it, to give it a star, etc…you get the point. But what happens to those “favs” after that. Nothing, that’s what. Well, I like to get my favs out of the specific service and gather them all together in Evernote. (I can hear a couple of you thinking: “Evernote, that’s just another service that you can’t get your data out of when it shuts down” – Well, I think by now Evernote is a well established company that is not going anywhere anytime soon.)

To accomplish this, I like to use IFTT. It’s how I get my Twitter favs into Evernote as well. IFTTT doesn’t have a specific Feedbin channel, but it does off course have the option to watch an RSS feed. And Feedbin, in return, offers the option to enable an RSS feed of your starred article. Check and check.

★ How to destroy the internet.

Gizmodo isn’t really known for it’s high quality articles but I found this one quite interesting. It talks about how the global internet infrastructure is built and what it would take to take it down.

I wrote a paper on submarine cables during my graduate degree in data communication and found it a very interesting topic. And it’s piece of the internet that very few people know about.

★ Just me and a bunch of nerds.

I don?t understand how the Internet got so big and how all of you people got on it because last time I checked it was just me and a bunch of nerds and now it?s still us plus a lot of people being dicks to each other over made-up problems, and I?m not interested rar rar rar. But still I had those tabs open so I must have been a little interested. Except I can do better than that.

Via Megan

Megan writes this in the reference to reading, with which I agree. But for me, this really resonates with Twitter these days. It really did used to be “just me and a bunch of nerds”, but these days it feels like either the entire internet is fighting the old “MY PHONE IS BETTER THAN YOURS” wars or nagging about whatever is on TV at that moment.

So yeah, I do kinda miss “the good old days”. It think it’s time for something new.

★ Belgian Waffles podcast – Episode 0: So, are we going to do this?

I’ve listened to podcasts for a long time now, first to pass the time during my work-commute to Mechelen and nowadays during my longruns. Podcasts from different sources (independent, Twit, Cnet) but subject was always technology, internet or photography related. Lately, I’ve listening to a lot of podcasts on the 5by5 network and I really like them (I’ll make a post with which ones I like best and why in the coming week(s)).

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Davy asked me if I wanted to do a podcast with him, in English and about tech news. Sure, why not 🙂

So on Thursday we recorded episode 0 and we’re quite happy with it 🙂 You can listen to it here or you can use the feed to add it to Google Listen or Instacast. (The show is submitted into iTunes as well, we just have to wait untill Apple approves it

★ Removing the admin bar from WordPress 3.1

If your using WordPress and have updated to the latest version, you’ll probably have notice the ‘Admin’ bar when you visit your site while logged in.

Personally, I find this rather annoying and began clicking through the options to see if I could remove it. Here’s how:

– Go to ‘Users’ / ‘ Your Profile’ in the left-hand menu of your WordPress dashboard
– Under ‘Personal Options’, you’ll find the option to remove the admin bar from the site itself and from the back-end dashboard.

If you would like to change this straight in the code, have look here