Bertem Bos

Since I plan to run a few trail races in 2016, I started the year off with a training run in a forest nearby. It was a very foggy morning and it was much colder than the days and weeks before. Once I made it into the forest I followed the walking route and winged it from there. 90 minutes and about 15km later, my legs were shot, my head cleared and my heart happy. To more running and more trails this year 😊

4am Panic

It’s a definitive characteristic of the people I work with that they sign up for too much. They’re optimists. They believe they can do anything. They’re eternally growing. That’s the poetry, here’s the reality. There are two paths for these eager optimists. The first path is the individual who is capable of both signing up… More

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Rands, as always, hits it home.

How to create better, more accessible WordPress themes | Post Status

Accessibility is an important part of modern web development. It is our responsibility as creators of WordPress themes to make them accessible to all users, on any device. In this article, I’ll offer some simple tips to create better, more accessible WordPress themes.

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I’m starting work on a new theme and this is something that will definitely be a focus-point for me.