★ Neighbor in the wheelchair.

I’ve been living in my apartment for almost 5 years now and since day 1, the first apartment on the ground floor was occupied by an old man in a wheelchair (not occupy as we know it today, he just lived there). And for as long as I know, we’ve had a big aluminum ramp leading up the stairs at the front door, so he could get in and out in his wheelchair.

I would run into him occasionally, as he was sitting outside our door or when I was waiting for the elevator on the ground floor.
He came across kind of weird: he always talked very fast and most of time I couldn’t understand what he was saying. But I would ask him how his day had been anyway, only to not understand a word of the 5 minute story came after that?Truth be told, I considered him to be just a confused old guy?

But since about 2 weeks, the ramp leading up to the stairs is gone, the lights in the first apartment on the ground floor are always out and the curtains are shut. With the ramp gone, how could he be getting in and out? The only conclusion is that he moved somewhere else or that something happened to him. I’ve talked to a couple of other people from the building about it and they don’t know anything more, nor do they know anything about him. Feels a bit weird. We all passed by him at least once a week and yet none of us (at least the 5 people I’ve talked to about this) know even his name, know anything about him or know how he got into that wheelchair.

Strangers, passing by.


★ Metal Gear Solid HD collection (for XBOX360)

The only reason I was tempted to get a PS3 was so that I could attempt to run Metal Gear Solid again. I played the first version of the game on my Playstation One back in the day and I totally loved it. I played it over and over, up to the point where I knew every word from the in game dialogue by hear (keep in mind that that was a 36h game or something of that length).

And then I stumbled across this: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, available for PS3 and XBOX 360.

Guess I’m getting that XBOX 🙂

★ On gaming consoles.

From The Official Microsoft Blog

Entering the seventh year of its lifecycle, Xbox 360 just closed the biggest sales week in the history of the hit digital entertainment system, selling more than 960,000 consoles in the U.S. during the week of Black Friday.

Very impressive.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new console lately. I used to own an XBOX 360 but it went belly up on me a about a year ago. (the famous red ring of death, about 5 months after the warranty expired) and now I’m doubting wether I should get an XBOX again or give the Playstation 3 a try?I haven’t done any online gaming on consoles so I’m not sure wether I’ll want to use XBOX Live (which is payed) or not.

All arguments for one or the other are welcome 🙂

★ Less music, more listening.

If you’ve spent 2 minutes on Facebook over the last week, you’ll probably have noticed that Spotify is now available in Belgium. Sweet.
Since I’ve been trying to get Spotify working (and been trying to pay for it) for over a year, I was very happy to seem them arrive in Belgium.

With Spotify, we now have an absolute abundance of music at our fingertips and discovering new bands has never been so easy (use Spotify’s radio or artist radio function for that). And with all that music readily available, did I really need to keep my iTunes library on MacBook’s hard drive? Moving it to an external drive would free up about 40 gigs of hard drive space, which is a lot considering the 120gb drive I’m using in this machine. Next thought in line: with all the music Spotify offers, did I really need to keep all this other music?

So, the plan was to create a new iTunes library and only import of selection of the music I previously had. But (here it comes)?In an attempt to make an extra backup of my current library, I overwrote the first backup with an empty folder. Smart move jackass. And since I performed these steps with a couple of hours/days in between them, downloading a backup wasn’t an option because the changes had already synced to the cloud.

Hold on, I’m getting to what this post is actually about.

In a final attempt to get my music back, I connected my iPod classic and threw several tools at it, all without avail. The only thing iTunes would let me do, was transfer my purchases and do a format. Which I did.

So now I only have the music I purchased through iTunes, not the stuff I ripped from cd and acquired elsewhere. 450 sings.
When I got home from work today (a day later), I was getting ready so spend the entire evening importing and ripping cps when I realized something. I hadn’t listened 95% of those 450 songs for a very very long time and by adding tons of other music, I was just going to forget about them again.

So. The plan is to listening to each song at least once. Off course, I’ll still use Spotify, but my iPod is synced to iTunes, so that’s the only music I’ll have on the go. (don’t use my iPhone for music) And when I’m tired of this limited amount of songs, then I’ll start ripping cd’s again.

★ De Heideroosjes.

After months of not doing much photography, I finally got my drive back and emailed the lovely people at Het Depot to ask if I could shoot a couple of concert for them. They happily accepted and I replied with 4 concerts I would like to do.

The first one was last Wednesday, De Heideroosjes. Talk about a blast from the past?When I was 17/18 years old, I listened to these guys a lot and saw them live on a number of occasions (7 different concert as memory servers, probably more) and I own all their albums on cd. Now, 7 years later, the band it calling it quits and it doing a goodbye tour through The Netherlands and Belgium. First stop: Het Depot. And I was there.

The concert sold out, the hall was packed and the atmosphere was great. Personally, I didn’t like the pre show at all, but they only played 4 or 5 songs so?(If you have to ask the crowd to do a circle pit or give away a t-shirt for someone to start crowd surfing, you’re forcing it.)

The main course however, was delicious. While the guys have gotten a lot older, they’re still just as explosive and in your face as they were 7 years ago. I was in the front row, just left of stage center and had an absolute blast. It was loud, hot, sweaty and I made some nice images. You can find the full set here.