In September 2010, the city of Leuven started the complete reconstruction of the ?Maarschalk Foch plein?, a square in the center of the city. The result would look completely different and the construction works were planned to last at least 18 months. I had the idea to try to document the progress of these construction works through a photo-blog. I started the website in November 2010 and within the first 2 weeks, the site got mentioned in 2 national newspapers (De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad), both on their website as in the printed edition.

DSC 8605DSC 8666DSC 8667DSC 8685DSC 9916DSC 67551DSC02500DSC02502DSC02537DSC02696JHE 7276JHE 7558JHE 7561JHE 7569JHE 7572JHE 7573JHE 7576P1010214P1010220P1010222P1010235P1010371P1010214P1010376P1010675P1010678P1010680P1010696P1010788P1010794P1010895P10107881Untitled 5 2Untitled 21 2Untitled 23 2Untitled 25 2Untitled 65Untitled 60


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