Should you fast before you run?


The body has about two hours of carbohydrate fuel (glycogen) at marathon pace (defined loosely as 85 percent of your max heart rate). Beyond that is the dreaded bonk. To simplify the complex science on bonking: body go boom. – Trail runner magazine, David Roche

Interesting article about fasted training. In the past I would always take food with me whenever I went out for over an hour but in recent weeks I’ve been doing these runs fasted and they’ve ended up just fine.


The node pole: inside Facebook’s Swedish hub near the Arctic Circle


From the outside, it looks like an enormous grey warehouse. Inside, there is a hint of the movie Bladerunner: long cavernous corridors, spinning computer servers with flashing blue lights and the hum of giant fans. There is also a long perimeter fence. Is its job to thwart corporate spies? No – it keeps out the moose.

Welcome to the Node Pole, a hi-tech hub in Luleå, northern Sweden, and the site of Facebook’s first datacentre outside the US. The warehouse opened in 2013 and is set amid a green pine forest, lakes and an archipelago. The Arctic Circle is just down the road. A second centre next door is due to be completed later this year.

Source: The node pole: inside Facebook’s Swedish hub near the Arctic Circle | Technology | The Guardian

Fast times: what will it take to run the marathon in under two hours? | The Guardian



The world’s best marathon runners are just 177 seconds from breaking the two-hour barrier: what will it take to get there (apart from drugs)?

Nobody finds the marathon easy – even professionals, especially professionals. The distance is democratic. It has become an event against which hordes of people – fat people, thin people, people crooked by time and people sprightly as foals, rich people and people in need – test themselves. There are now more than 500 marathons all over the world, and more competitors than at any time in the history of the sport.

Source: Fast times: what will it take to run the marathon in under two hours? | Sport | The Guardian

Guerrilla fighters of Kurdistan – Joey L.


Every generation seems to grow up with the memory of at least one major war in his or her lifetime. Whether we choose to read the headlines or acknowledge the reality beyond our own everyday lives, the war that is currently underway in Iraq and Syria is one that affects us all. As a Kurdish soldier would tell me later— this conflict has been churning for centuries, but remains hidden from most of our views.

Well worth read, both for the portraits and the story.

Learn to stop using new shiny things

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  • Don’t be the biggest. If you’re the biggest user of a technology, your challenges will be greatly amplified.
  • Keep it simple. No matter what technology you’re using, it will fail.

An interesting read from the Pinterest Engineering blog on why it’s worthwile to stick with proven technologies.

Jason Snell reviews the new Kindle Voyage

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But the real reason I enjoy reading on these devices is that they’re distraction free. They don’t make noise, they don’t display pop-up notifications, and they don’t offer email and Twitter apps that are just a couple of taps away. The static black-and-white calm of words on a page evokes the best things about reading in print.

Jason reviews the new Kindle Voyage and captures exactly why I love these types of devices. I’ve owned a 4th generation Kindle since 2011 and I absolutely love.